Monday, April 19, 2010

House-hunting for good Phone Coverage

Few would disagree that networking has become probably the most effective tool for every executive. This means that one’s availability at the end of a cell phone can spell the difference between clinching a deal and failing to do so. Huge numbers are moving into bustling Philadelphia, where job opportunities remain reasonably plentiful. The home-hunter scouring Philadelphia apartments needs to bear several factors in mind, since the search for a personal perch is not just a matter of securing accommodation that is adequately comfortable in a desirable neighbourhood and with easy access to the bright lights. It is also about having the certainty that you have chosen the right spot for optimum cell phone coverage.

Forums are among the best sources of advice for the migrating executive or entrepreneur for whom a range of locations are under consideration. Some websites dedicated to this very topic include Mobiledia and Wirelessguide.

The highs and lows of cell phone coverage are no great mystery and depend basically on two things: how many phone users are loading the system at any one time and the location of cell towers. Since the mobile phone – no matter how souped up it may be – is effectively a radio, its ability to receive a signal is restricted by the number of frequencies which (in the US) the Federal Communications Commission has allocated to a given city. Thus, control of coverage is out of the individual’s – and the phone carrier’s – control.

Certain aspects of mobile phone performance depend not just on the carrier, but also on the standard of handset. This includes limits on the number of characters in any email message that might be sent. In this situation, it is worth studying one’s contract carefully, as the majority of providers offer to accept returns. This way, the customer can back out of their cell phone contract.

Equipment issues apart, it is vital to carry out your own coverage test when you are on an apartment-inspection. During the viewing tour, make a specific point of carrying out a cell-phone test both in the living room and in the bedroom. (Only you know in which of these two rooms you conduct more business!) Beware: you may fall in love with the apartment, but can you afford less than perfect coverage?


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