Sunday, April 18, 2010

Athletes and Credit Counseling

When you taste sweet success, it is very hard to keep yourself from various temptations. This is why we can see many movies and sports celebrities ending up in debt, and requesting credit counseling.
Cars, huge houses, luxurious trips, and peculiar hobbies- these are just some of the many expenses that these star athletes make, which lead them to bankruptcy. However, we often wonder, how do these rich celebrities go bankrupt even after making millions from sports. There are many reasons, but they all come to spending.


Many athletes get used to a lavish living style when they are at the peak of their career. They do not save money for the future, and when they retire, they have already become so used to these extra expenses, that they cannot leave their lavish lifestyle. This is the main reason why most of them go under credit, and require credit counseling, though there are many athletes who invest in some businesses, to make their future secure. Most athletes like to spend on cars and houses.
Most of the athletes, who have gone bankrupt, like Scottie Pippen and Evander Holyfield, have been said to have made some poor decisions in handling their finances.
It is well known that if you spend more than you earn, you are eventually going to run out of money. Though it's hard to believe this in case of athletes, because these people make millions of dollars, and it seems that their vast and almost infinite money can never be depleted, but it is not true. Even if you earn millions of dollars, you can still become bankrupt, if you do not plan your finances well.


It is advisable that these athletes take their financial matters more seriously and realize that money does not last forever. With spendthrift behaviour, they are going to end up looking for credit counseling.
This does not apply only to star athletes- even a normal person can get into deep debt if he or she does not plan his finances well.