Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Direct TV is Family Friendly

Direct TV is family friendly. Direct TV decided to provide programming for every member of the family, including baby. BabyFirstTV provides all-infant programming, all the time. This programming is for children who are 2 yrs old and younger. Programs shown on this station are from Brainy Baby and First Impressions DVDs, among others. It also includes a daily story time program. This baby TV is both educational and interactive, providing activities for parents to do with children throughout the day.

As a parent, you know how important it is to be involved with your child's entertainment choices. Direct TV allows you to limit the channels and shows allowed into your home. With Direct TV's parental controls, you can limit or block any programming you consider to be inappropriate for your children. You can restrict unsupervised TV viewing and block specific channels, you can also control how much time your children spend watching TV by limiting viewing times. This is great for enforcing family rules about not watching TV until homework is finished or chores are done. If your children need an hour of uninterrupted homework time right after school, you can lock all TV channels so that the TV isn't a distraction. If you are worried about your kids going over your household budget with spending on pay-per-view movies, you can set spending limits for DIRECTV Cinema movies or live pay-per-view events. When children try to view forbidden programs or to watch TV during their homework time, they will be asked to enter a PIN. That means that, while certain channels are restricted from your children, you can choose to watch any program by entering your PIN.

Direct TV takes care of your family and children at all ages. Take advantage of their family-friendly options today!