Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The John Hardy Incorporates the Beauty of Quality with Sustainability

John Hardy's story truly begins with his visit to Bali during his world travels. The craftsmanship and tradition of these Indonesian artisans caught his imagination. He set up his workshop in the late Eighties and began distributing his collection to high-end department stores by the early nineties. The name John Hardy quickly became synonymous with distinction.

The John Hardy Collection includes a wide range of pieces for both women and men. One can enjoy the simple beauty of a bamboo bangle crafted out of silver, zen earrings, or a glittering diamond pendant on a braided silver necklace. Any woman of sophistication and taste is sure to love these pieces. For men, John Hardy includes everything from black sapphire cufflinks and rings to sterling silver dog tags and money clips. The vast selection ensure that at least one piece will catch the eye of a discerning gentleman. The John Hardy Collection's quality, diversity and boldness stands at the pinnacle of excellence.

John Hardy also upholds its responsibilities as a environmentally conscious company. They make the pieces at their Bali workshop, which they have built with low impact materials. Furthermore, it doubles as an organic farm. Many of the pieces use recycled silver to avoid further damaging the environment through additional mining operations. The company plants bamboo in order to offset their carbon emissions with an eye to global climate change. They've built their Hong Kong office out of sustainable non-toxic materials. Moreover, they even launch entire collections to increase environmental sustainability. They plant a set number of bamboo seedlings for every piece purchased from Bamboo Collection and most pieces have the number engraved upon them. A purchase from John Hardy shouldn't only satisfy your fashion sense, but also your sense of social responsibility.


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